Ceiling Fans

Effective circulation can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler, and reduce air conditioning bills by up to 40%


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What are the benefits of installing ceiling fans?

  • Ceiling fans provide a natural energy-saving cooling solution. Most ceiling fans use only about as much power as a 60 watt light bulb which equates to less than 1 cent per hour to run.

  • Ceiling fans will save you money all year round in cooling and heating energy bills.

  • While a ceiling fan does not necessarily lower the temperature of a room, it does make the room feel cooler by providing a circulating breeze.
  • If a ceiling fan is used in the Winter mode in conjunction with the heater, it will push the warm air up against the ceiling and then down the walls, gently re-circulating warm air through the room, which means that heaters will not have to operate for as long, or at such a high-heat setting. This technique has been proven to lower heating costs by as much as 10%.

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Hi My husband said he was going to call you but i know he wont so i will pass on his comments. We had Hayden install ceiling fans and wired smoke detector at our rental property at Fulham Gardens . Phil was incredibly impressed with the proffesional manner that Hayden went about the job , he was methodical and extremely tidy. We will need to get some jobs done at our home and will definitely get Hayden to do the work !

Joanne Galley
Fulham Gardens

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You can trust a Master Electrician to provide the most energy efficient solution.

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