LED Down Lights

Replacing your halogen down lights with LEDs and reduce your down light running costs by up to 82%

What are the benefits of replacing Halogen down lights with LED down lights?

  • You can save money: Energy efficient LED down lights use less than one fifth of the electricity of the average halogen providing a fast return on investment.

  • Designed to Last: Each LED comes with a 3 year warranty and has a manufacturer reported lifespan between 15,000 & 70,000 hours or more

  • Significantly reduced fire risk: Halogens run at high temperatures and old or poorly installed halogen down lights are a major cause of domestic and commercial fires. LED down lights run at low temperatures significantly reducing the risk of fire and not to mention reduces the heat in your home which will help reduce air-conditioning costs
  • Environmentally friendly: LED down lights save significant amounts of power and their long service life reduces landfill waste

We endeavor only to use the very best LED lighting, we do not use cheap imports that will fail after only a short time for the sake of saving money.  You can trust Bison electrical to put our customers before profits.

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You can trust a Master Electrician to provide the most energy efficient solution.

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