Switchboard upgrades

Would you let your car go for 15-20 years without a service?

The switchboard is the “motor” of your home and just like your car motor it needs to be looked after.

Take a second to think about this,15 years ago your home wasn’t filled with 50 inch LCD TVs, computers , refrigerated air-conditioning , home theatre systems , fitness equipment maybe even a pool or spa . Our lifestyles have changed considerably but unless you had it upgraded your switchboard hasn’t, if you live in an older home your switchboard wasn’t designed to cope with today’s lifestyle.

If you don’t have safety switches installed or if you have old ceramic fuses you need to seriously consider having your switchboard upgraded , at the very least your risking nuisance tripping and flickering lights or worse electric shock to yourself or a loved one , you could even have a potential fire waiting to happen.

Don’t let yourself or a family member become another statistic don’t put it off take action call Bison Electrical today.

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I would like to thank the team at Bison Electrical, they helped me choose the best ceiling fan option for my requirements, were on time and their work was exceptional. I can recommend Bison Electrical for any electrical work both domestic and commercial.

Steven Hamilton

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You can trust a Master Electrician to provide the most energy efficient solution.

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