Whats protecting your family ?

There is few more frightening moments than being caught inside a burning house. It’s a situation no-one wants to have to face, but fire brigades fight thousands of fires in buildings every year. Sadly not everyone gets out safely. To escape a house fire, early warning is vital that’s why you need working smoke alarms!

Smoke alarms should be changed every 10 years.

Fire facts

  • Across Australia between July 1996 and June 2004, 412 people were killed in 366 residential fires, in the cases where it was known smoke alarms were installed, 14% had a non-working alarm and 55% had no alarm at all!

  • SA fire brigade research indicates that half of house fire deaths  could be avoided by having a working smoke alarm and a practiced escape plan

  • Most fatal fires happen at night, when people are usually asleep, and they are most common in winter.

  • The majority of fatal fires are caused by electrical faults , smoking materials such as cigarette ash or heaters and open fires

Smoke kills

Toxic smoke and fumes are a major risk. In a house fire, it’s the flames that do the structural damage, but the smoke that is the main danger to people. The majority of deaths in fires come from smoke inhalation / poisoning. Modern homes contain a lot of materials – such as wood, wool, nylon and plastics –which when burning give out heavy smoke and toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide and cyanide gas. These materials can smoulder for a long time, putting out a lot of smoke and fumes before they burst into actual flames.

If you’re asleep when the fire starts, without the right smoke alarm protection you could suffer from smoke inhalation before you wake up, in fact the combination of toxic smoke and reduced oxygen in the air can make waking up more difficult so it’s important to have a smoke alarm that rapidly detects smoke


Q. How often should I test my smoke alarms?

 A. we recommend all smoke alarms should be tested every 6 months to ensure they are working.

 Q. Should my smoke alarm be hard wired?

 A. Absolutely yes, batteries fail all the time. The cost of having a quality smoke alarm fitted that is hard wired is so small when you consider what it could cost you if you don’t, your house? , a loved one? Your life?

 Q. What are the different types of smoke alarms?

 A. There are two main types

 Photoelectric Alarms

 Photo­electric smoke alarms are best at detecting smoky and smouldering fires (often associated with visible smoke).

 These contain a photo cell with an internal light source registering on this cell. When smoke enters and disturbs this set up the alarm triggers.

 Ionisation Alarms

 Ionisation smoke alarms respond well to fast flaming fires that give off little visible smoke.

 Ionisation smoke detectors require a very low power to operate and traditionally have been the most regularly used residential smoke alarms. Ionisation smoke detectors are most effective for invisible particles of combustion such as those found in fast flaming, low smoke fires.

 These contain a very small amount of radioactive material (Americium 241), producing charged particles, or ions. These ions are monitored and when particles given off in a fire enter, the action of these ions change, setting off the alarm.  (Ionisation models shouldn’t be located too near a kitchen as they can be set of by cooking).

Q. So which one do I need?

A. It is recommended that you have one of each type installed in your home , and that they be interconnected to give the best chance of early detection no matter what kind of fire.

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